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Leeds Music & Movement
"Building a great program by building great people!" 
Achievement - Respect - Success


Rookie Camp is for students have never marched.

We will meet May 13 and 14 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the high school band room.

Pride of the Green Wave
2024 Production:

Greatness Meets Greatness - A Match Is Made - Convergence.

Opposites Attract - A Match Is Made - Connection.

Two Become One - A Match Is Made - Commitment.

The Pride of the Greenwave Is proud to present

the music of Billie Eilish, Stevie Wonder,

Van Halen, Elvis, Edvard Grieg, Kiss,

Earth, Wind, & Fire, Nikki Minaj, Johann Pachabel, 

Pitbull, Peter Gabriel, C&C Music Factory

And the Backstreet Boys.

Mashups, Medleys, and Mayhem!



Pearl Harbor Here We Come!

Recent News

The Pride of the Green Wave finishes their competitive season ranked 3rd at the Alabama Marching Championships for 5A! They had a great performance at the Spain Park "Sparks in the Park" Invitational Exhibition followed by a Best in Class performance at the Pinson Valley "Pride of the Valley" Marching Contest. Auxiliary, Percussion, and Band received Superior ratings. Percussion and Band were Best in Class. Our Majorettes and Percussion received Superior Ratings at the Hoover Invitational.
 "The Strength of the Pride is the Member. The Strength of the Member is the Pride."

The Pride of the Green Wave performed at Pearl Harbor. We commemorated the three Medal of Honor winners from Leeds, AL. We performed a concert titled "Remembering Our Heros" that included a piece entitled "City of Valor", which is also Leeds' official title, commissioned by the city and written by our director Chip Wise, in honor of the occasion. We are truly honored to be asked to perform on this historic occasion! 

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