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The Creed of the Pride is recited from memory in a very energetic way by members of the Pride after rehearsals, prior to, or after performances, and on other special occasions. Former members are invited to join in. The creed was adapted from a similar creed developed by The Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band many years ago. It is an adaptation of a poem by Rudyard Kipling titled "The Law of the Jungle".

"Now- Here's the creed of the Pride
Because our Pride we do not hide
For all around shall see
That the Pride is within me.
Upon this field of dreams
We all recieve our due
For this is the only place 
All our dreams come true.
We value these things important
For deep down inside
The strength of the Pride is the member
And the strength of the member is the Pride."

The Honor Guard is a way for our program to honor those who have served our country as well as those who are currently serving. Leeds, Alabama is called "The City of Valor" because three Medal of Honor recipients have called Leeds their home; Lt. William Lawley, Staff Sgt. Henry "Red" Erwin and Pfc. Alford McLaughlin. The Honor Guard is comprised of one or two flag bearers and a color guard. Often these flag bearers are students or alumni who are active duty service personel. 

The Lowering of the Flag is observed after the third quarter of our home football games. The crowd is asked to stand and remove cover as Taps is accompanied by a lone snare drummer. Taps is used because it is recognized as the appropriate bugle call for civilian flag lowering ceremonies.

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